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Summer Hiatus✨🌿

Woodland Magic will take a summer hiatus and return in early September. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you're the first to hear about my Fall creations🕯

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Summer Hiatus

Every summer the head candle goblin at Woodland Magic (me) goes on a hiatus from the middle of June to the beginning of September. While this hiatus is partially weather-induced (no one wants melted candles in the mail!), it also serves as an important time for me to clean up my candle studio, take a break, work on stock for the Fall, and prepare for Fall markets.

I'll also be cooking up new candle scents for the cold season (including some new vessels that you will be obsessed with! 🎃).

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NEW RELEASE: bog witch

Blooms come and go, but the bog is eternal

The Bog Witch has emerged 🌿

With tendrils of freshwater seaweed in her hands, driftwood for her staff, and mossy stones beneath her feet, the Bog Witch reminds us that one must decompose to recompose.

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