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Woodland Magic

Hedge Witch Tumbler

Hedge Witch Tumbler

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9 oz soy candle

This Hedge Hog is a Witch✨🦔

Who says you can be an adorable woodland creature and a powerful witch? Hegde Witch, along with its companion candle Blackberry Bramble, evokes a woodland scene brought to life by local Maryland artist Saz Ross. This visual story contains two scenes. In the first, our little witchmonk first gathers the ingredients for a spell, and in the second she creates a potion with her woodland creature coven.

Hedge Witch is inspired by the second of these two scenes and combines the scents of  the magical potion the witchmonk and hedge(hog) witch create in their cauldron. Spicy patchouli blends into sacred sandalwood atop a base of woody cedar and rich tonka bean. Hedge Witch is ornamented with snowflake obsidian.

About this candle:

  • Made with 100% soy wax from the US
  • Made with lead-free cotton wicks
  • Made with non-toxic fragrances
  • Contained in a reusable glass container
  • Made in a workshop now powered by solar energy!

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Customer Reviews

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I love this artwork! Loved Blackberry Bramble, so I’ve been curious about its sibling.