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Woodland Magic

Yule Tumbler

Yule Tumbler

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9 oz soy candle

Merry Yuletide! Hand poured in small batches, these soy candles are infused with the joy and brightness of Yule. They are scented to evoke the winter woods and the cozy kitchen; the deep smoky character of cedarwood and frankincense essential oils is buoyed by the bright notes of blue spruce and carried with the smell of warm spice. Decorated with juniper berries, pine cones, amber, cypress, and sprinkled with spices, these candles could burn quietly in the background as you bake seasonal bread or cookies. The smell is instantly transporting and brings holiday cheer to any space.

With protective and cleansing properties, the juniper berries, cedarwood oil, and pine cones evoke the resilience and strength of evergreens, solid reminders of life in the cold winter. Orange brings joy, love, and a taste of summer's saved sunshine. The physical accumulation of ancient trees, amber connects us to a long history beyond memory. It thus is a great tool for calling the past, connecting to the knowledge of ancient forests, and cultivating ancestral wisdom. Known as solidified sunlight, amber illuminates our path in the dark season.

Each candle is imbued with word and sigil magic. For Yule candles, the power phrase is: "in the darkness there is light."

This 9 oz candle is hand-poured in small batches, with a burning time of 40+ hours.

Historical & magical associations of ingredients:

  • Frankincense: Purification, Consecration, Love, Ceremony
  • Amber: Healing, beauty, love, warmth, sunlight
  • Orange: Love, divination, fertility, prosperity
  • Pine cones: Enlightenment, healing, prosperity
  • Cedar: Endurance, resilience, eternal life
  • Juniper: Purification, protection

About this candle:

  • Made with 100% soy wax from the US
  • Made with lead-free cotton wicks
  • Made with non-toxic fragrances
  • Contained in a reusable glass container
  • Made in a workshop now powered by solar energy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Angel MacFarland
“Yule” absolutely LOVE this!

Beautiful presentation & a magical scent, this candle was the perfect Yuletide gift for my pagan coworker! Thoughtfully crafted & packaged with candle care information, it was greatly appreciated. Thank you for including the tiny magick bottle & woodland stickers in the precious magical bag, it was truly the perfect present!
Thank You again!

Simply magical

Woodland Magic candles really live up to the name - they are beautiful and the scent is truly enchanting. The Yule candle is the perfect wintry, festive scent and the amber tumbler offers a perfectly warm glow.

Catherine M

I love each of the candles I’ve received from woodland magic, and the Yule candle is marvelous! This is absolutely the fragrance I wanted to add to enjoy the winter holiday season at home perfectly bright, spiced, forest like. Love the candle tumbler design as well, and always enjoy the packaging in the box too (yay paper and not plastic!)

Kimberly Santo

This might be the prettiest candle I’ve ever bought from anyone. Thoughtfully crafted, and the aromatics are gorgeous! I will definitely buy more candles and room sprays in the future.


Excellent packaging. Smells divine and everything was amazing. Thank You!💫