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Woodland Magic

Lavender Moon Ceramic Cauldron Candle

Lavender Moon Ceramic Cauldron Candle

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Approximately 7 oz Cauldron Candle

Muddy Glass Ceramics X Woodland Magic Collaboration

Created by the talented Rachel of Muddy Glass Ceramics, these handmade, magical ceramic cauldrons are the candle vessels of your witchy dreams. Featuring a leafy moon and standing on three feet, these cauldrons are colored with the most enchanting swirls of lavender and cream. Not only do you receive a beautiful scented and ornamented Woodland Magic candle--you can also reuse the cauldron after your candle is finished. 

Lavender Moon is inspired by the interchange between lunar phases and the earthly realm. This candle has a light, herbal, floral, and spa-like scent reminiscent of an early spring breeze when the first leaves are unfurling and the first blooms are beginning to opening. Top notes of sweet rose and lavender blend into the herbal, airy scents of garden sage and rosemary atop a base of cedar and amber. The candle is ornamented with calming lavender and with amethyst arranged in a crescent shape, a nod its lunar and oneiric influences.

About this candle:

  • Made with 100% soy wax from the US
  • Made with lead-free cotton wicks
  • Made with non-toxic fragrances
  • Contained in a reusable glass container
  • Made in a workshop now powered by solar energy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jill Verdi
so beautiful

This candle is such a perfect lavender scent, it's mild and earthy and soothing! The gorgeous ceramic cauldron is the perfect medium to hold it. I am thrilled with this shop!


I love it so much! It's so beautiful and special. ❤️

Aimee EH
When Artistry is Magic

After many wonderful experiences with A Woodland Magic's candles, I was delighted when I saw this collaboration with a ceramic artist in these beautiful handmade cauldrons. It was the *perfect* gift for my daughter's 15th birthday. So far she has burned it for at least 12 hours and it is still quite full. Watching the amethysts slowly make their way toward the bottom of the cauldron with each burn adds even more magic. My daughter and I are both a bit sensitive to fragrances but like all of the candles we have purchased from A Woodland Magic, the scent is bright without being overpowering. I simply cannot say enough good things about this shop and the magic thinking and artistry behind it. Thank you again.

Bronwyn Turner
Everything I wanted and more!

I’ve purchased candles from here a few times and have yet to be disappointed. The cauldron candles are no exception. It was an absolute work of art and I almost didn’t want to burn it! I’d look forward to future collaborations, as well as future creations from Woodland Magic in general.