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Woodland Magic

Carmilla Tumbler

Carmilla Tumbler

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9 oz soy candle

"Love will have its sacrifices. No sacrifice without blood."

So declares the titular character of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's 1872 queer classic Carmilla to her beloved and unknowing prey, Laura. Set in an isolated castle deep in the Styrian woods, this novella traces the connection between Laura and Carmilla who meet one fateful moonlit night when Carmilla's carriage crashes into a tree just outside of Laura's home. With its mix of desire, revulsion, and supernatural mystery, Carmilla set the tone for modern vampire literature years before Dracula appeared on the scene.

While the atmosphere of the novella floated around the candle workshop while this creation came to life, it is Carmilla herself who inspires its scents. Seductive, dark, smoky, and intoxicating, this candle evokes the simultaneously mysterious, deadly, and delicious elements of her character: her lustrous black eyes, her deadly appetite, her ancient past, and her irresistible charm. Smoke and incense conjure a scene of a moonlit castle bedroom draped in thick red velvet, and blend into rich oud and sophisticated amber, which capture the ineffable old world scent that sweeps the dark hallway as Carmilla approaches. Sweet black currant and dark fruit give way to heady absinthe,  summoning  images of shadows cast upon the wall and flickering candlelight over half-filled goblets of red wine. Red and black marbling on the candle top echo the scents of dark fruit and the swirl hints to their darker sanguine cousin, while obsidian evokes the darkness of the night surrounding the castle Carmilla has chosen to haunt.

Read Carmilla on Project Gutenberg for free.

About this candle:

  • Made with 100% soy wax from the US
  • Made with lead-free cotton wicks
  • Made with non-toxic fragrances
  • Contained in a reusable glass container
  • Made in a workshop now powered by solar energy!

Be sure to read these important instructions for candle care and safety.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

These are my fave candles. All of them smell amazing.

Jenna Hess
My go-to! I don’t buy any other candies other than Woodland!

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the business owner in person at an local event, in Maryland. They are amazing and I always enjoy buying these candles. Not only do they smell amazing, but there is always a little treat inside of them in the form of a crystal and that always makes me so happy I don’t buy any other candles from any other store. The artwork is beautiful and I think they are perfect. These are my ultimate favorite. Thank you so much for the creation.